Prof. G. G. Senaratne

Chairman – GISM Campus

Chairman’s Message


The Graduate Institute of Science and Management is the first institution in Sri Lanka offering unique service in higher education and research highlighting the development of Sri Lanka in co-operation with prestigious foreign universities and research institutions.

This institute is to introduce modern education and knowledge systems through the professional network with prestigious international Universities. Our aim is to provide the same high quality of international level undergraduate and post graduate studies in Sri Lanka at much lesser cost while saving a reasonable amount of hard currency. The added benefit to the parents from this initiative is that they could see their children, see their performance, be close to them and motivate their moral and spiritual soundness in preparation for their onward graduate studies in the University overseas.

Research is a must for any country in the world to develop. This is lacking in Sri Lanka. My idea is to get the expertise and new technology from overseas to join up with the local expertise in research and education and to make a home for them to work together to do researches for the betterment of human being. Our plan is to develop this institute as a center for research and education in the region, open to professional and research while supporting to solve social, cultural and economic problems in Sri Lanka.

I believe tackling these problems is feasible but we should realize that Engineering and Mathematics are the useful tools to solve these problems. We invite mathematicians, engineers, scientists and the other professionals including those from the medical field, academia and industry to work with us for a better future for our country and the region.

Professor Dr. G. G. Senaratne

PhD. (New Zealand), MSc. (U.K.)

Founder / Chairman

Graduate Institute of Science and Management (GISM) – Sri Lanka

Hon. S. B. Dissanayake

Minister of Higher Education

Message from the Hon. Minister of Higher Education


 It is indeed a great pleasure for me as the Minister of Higher Education to write at the launching ceremony of the Graduate Institute of Science and Management.

While our country is rich in natural resources, in order to optimally harness those resources for the long-term advantage of our country, we must through our education process, enable the advancement of knowledge. For this we must provide more opportunities for higher studies. There must be quality assurance in higher education, too.

The Government has already taken necessary steps to bring regulatory framework to standardize and provide quality assurances in higher education in privately run universities and learning institutions. The Ministry of Higher Education is in the process of preparing the guidelines to streamline the existing institutions in private higher education.

Education inspired by excellence is the framework of social responsibility undertaken by the Graduate Institute of Science and Management, in a manner that will achieve the needs and demands of Sri Lanka and its neighboring countries.

With its primary vision to provide a culturally and intellectually stimulating learning environment in which scholarship and creativity can flourish hand in hand, the Graduate Institute of Science and Management will produce professionals who can develop our country. These professionals must be able to actively and correctly overcome whatever challenges that emerge alongside the continual expansion programmes of the diversified sectors.

 Through incorporation with other prestigious international universities the Graduate Institute of Science and Management provides opportunities to Sri Lankans and the students in the neighboring countries to pursue graduate and postgraduate studies from Sri Lanka thus saving a reasonable amount of hard currency.

 This is an ambitious programme delivered in a framework of corporate social responsibility. I wish all success to the Graduate Institute of Science and Management and all your future endeavors.

Mr. S. B. Dissanayake M. P.

Hon. Minister of Higher Education

Prof Tissa Vitarana

Minister of Science & Technology

Message from Hon. Minister of Science & Technology


I am immensely pleased to be associated with the launch of the Graduate Institute of Science and Management in Sri Lanka and I welcome each distinguished member on the Professorial Academic Staff of the Graduate Institute of Science and Management from Sri Lanka, New Zealand, England and Australia.

I welcome you Professor Dr G.G. Senaratne; Professor Dr. Graeme Wake; Professor Dr. Sarath.W.S.B. Dasanayake; Dr. Tissa Senanayake ; Dr. Mahima Senanayake; Professor Dr. Mansi El-Mansi.

The new learning experiences offered by the Graduate Institute of Science and Management will no doubt serve as a benchmark academic standard in the application of state-of-the-art development and research technologies in teaching methodologies as well as in ongoing research.

Research will accentuate development in our country. The Graduate Institute of Science and Management also caters to research subjects for our national development. This is a valuable contribution that this Institute will offer and is in line with the objectives of my Ministry to achieve the development of Sri Lanka through the diligence of science and research. The professionals with acumen to shape the society we live in will be our achievable goal then.

The School of Engineering and Technology, the School of Business and Management and the School of Engineering Sciences in Graduate Institute of Science and Management will inculcate and develop professionalism among the students at Graduate, Post Graduate and Research levels, to both objectively and honestly achieve goals as well as innovatively transform technical knowledge into reality.

 I take this opportunity to wish the Graduate Institute of Science and Management many years of participation in the development of professionals who will be academically equipped in the application of the latest technology and engineering, professionals who also understand the importance of interacting with the requirements of the modern world.

Prof Tissa Vitarana M. P.

Hon. Minister of Science and Technology

Prof. Graeme C. Wake

Massey University, New Zealand.

Message from Professor Graeme C. Wake, Massey University, New Zealand.


I am pleased to send this message of good wishes at the time of the launch of the Graduate Institute of Science and Management (GISM).  I have followed closely its development with interest, both professionally and personally in view of my close working relationship with the Chairman of the Board, Dr Galkadowite Senaratne, who has worked with me in our Institute for his Doctorate of Philosophy in Technology and thereafter.  He developed a nice set of algorithms for interrogating the inverse scattering of microwaves for detection of foreign objects like tumours.  GISM is an ambitious project.  The founders are motivated by the most admiration of intentions: they want to further the professional development of Sri Lanka and its people. I send my sincere good wishes for its success and look forward to hearing of developments. I am sorry I cannot be with you to share your excitement.

Professor Graeme Wake FRSNZ, D Sc.,

Director, Centre for Mathematics in Industry, Institute of Information and Mathematical Sciences, Massey University at Albany, , Auckland, New Zealand