Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
( Mechatronics )

New Zealand Massey University Degree

Pathway Programs at GISM Campus

The Graduate Institute of Science and Management (GISM) in Sri Lanka offers Diploma and Higher Diploma programmes in engineering with two different major options (Mechatronics Engineering and Electronics and Computer Engineering) for the students to choose. On successfully completion with 120 credits, students can join the second year programme and, on successfully completion of Higher Diploma (240 credits), students can join third year of Massey University programme of Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Degree in New Zealand.

This choice is ideal if you are interested studying Engineering so you can start your first-year pathway of a four-year honours degree in Bachelor of Engineering in Sri Lanka majoring Mechatronics. This Bachelor of Engineering degree offered by Massey University in New Zealand is a world-class qualification and this is very well recognized in industry. If you are interested to become an expert in mechatronics and engineering automation industry, you can start studying Mechatronics Engineering in Sri Lanka (two years) and transfer to New Zealand to continue for Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechatronics) degree in New Zealand.

Also, GISM’s pathway arrangement provides you with a significant cost saving together with other benefits such as proper guidance and the solution to your problems you may experience when you start in a new overseas university study environment.

Become a problem solver

According to Massey University, ‘A Massey University Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (Mechatronics) equips you with the knowledge and skills you will need to develop your own mechatronic systems. These skills will help you develop effective solutions to the problems you will face in the industry.

The degree strikes a balance between a broad engineering education and practical abilities.’

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About Massey University

Massey University is one of the largest universities in New Zealand, Massey University continues to be ranked globally as one of the top three universities in New Zealand. Massey University’s proud history spans over 80 years of academic excellence. Massey University is sought-after throughout the world for its leading-edge research and innovation. Hence, Massey students experience international quality teaching by top researchers and lecturers who have strong links with their industries. Massey is also the New Zealand’s only multi-campus university with three well positioned campuses in the North Island: Auckland, Palmerston North and Wellington. With its excellent support staff and over 30,000 students from over 100 different countries from all over the world, its international students find a warm and welcoming environment at Massey and a climate in which they are encouraged to excel in their studies.

About GISM

Graduate Institute of Science and Management (GISM), Nugegoda, Sri Lanka is the collaborative partner campus of Massey University, New Zealand. With successful 12 years as a leading higher education institute, GISM paves the platform for Sri Lankan students to possess a world-class higher educational qualification via its partner universities including Massey University-New Zealand. GISM offers several Certificate courses, Diploma courses and Bachelor’s degree, Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s degree pathways. Also, GISM supports for direct transfer for Masters and PhD research studies. Over the past 12 years, 23 batches of students have transferred to Massey University, New Zealand and they studied with flying colours and secured with professional jobs in New Zealand.

About Programme

This course provides a solid grounding in the fundamentals of Mechatronics Engineering, including a broad understanding of mathematical and scientific concepts, control & automation engineering to solve engineering problems and also to apply in design & manufacture, installation and maintenance of many engineering systems. The course also covers a similar area to the first year and second year programmes of Bachelors of Engineering Degree with Honours (Mechatronics Engineering) (BE Hons) in order to provide the student with a basic knowledge and understanding the theory and practices to proceed at higher levels of the Degree course at Massey University, New Zealand.

A wide range of careers

Mechatronics engineering graduates have a wide range of career options in New Zealand and overseas. They may work in areas like automotive, space, marine, manufacturing, automation and control, horticultural and agricultural-product processing, forestry, medical, health and many more. Positions include areas such as:


The mechatronics major at GISM campus is a practical, multi-disciplinary major. It teaches you about mechanics, electronics, software, and control. It emphasises the importance of a coherent and concurrent design process when developing a system.

The Bachelor of Engineering with Honours programme is accredited by Engineering NZ, under the Washington Accord, allowing our graduates to work internationally

Project work could include:

A good fit if you:

All things are possible

Will you create the next life-saving device? Or the next iteration of search and rescue robot? Help companies automate their manufacturing processes? All these things are possible if you become a mechatronics engineer

Entry requirements

Students must have a minimum of three “C” passes at G.C.E (A/L) Examination or London (A/L) Examination in Mathematics, Physics or any related stream of studies


GISM Foundation Programme (successfully completed with a grade “B” average).

All applicants must sit for a selection interview with the Head of the relevant division in Academic Faculty.

Course Contents

Because we know that many students prefer to keep their options open during early stages of study, our programme offers general modules in the first year and second year of your degree, before starting to specialize in year third and fourth years.

Fees & New Zealand Earning Capacity

Fee Schedule 2023 ( Bachelor of Construction 1st year in SL and 2nd & 3rd years in NZ ) Course Fee Approx. Earning capacity in New Zealand (per year)
Registration LKR 50,000
1st year LKR 850,000
2nd year LKR 850,000
3rd year NZD 38,620 NZD 26,400
4th year NZD 38,620 NZD 26,400
Earning for 1 Year NZD 50,000
Total cost of the full programme (NZD 77,240+ SLR 1,750,000) NZD 102,800
Earning Capacity Explained Work During Studies: New Zealand allows 20 hours of part-time work during studies and 2-3 months of full-time work during holidays. Assumption: NZD 22 per hour earning capacity during studies. Post Degree Work: After the degree you are able to apply for graduate study work visa which allows you to remain in New Zealand and work full-time in your chosen careers. Assumptions: NSD 50,000 annual earning at a full-time work can be expected.

Career Prospects

Highly employable and good starting salaries

Engineers are in demand in New Zealand, as there is a lack of qualified engineers in this country. Many Massey graduates are employed before they even graduate.

Worldwide career opportunities

Your Massey Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) is recognised and respected worldwide, opening up job opportunities globally.

Manisha Milani Gamage BEng (Hons), MEng.

I completed my BEng (Hons) in Mechatronics Engineering through GISM. I received a full funded scholarship and completed my Masters and now planning for my PhD. I definitely recommend GISM and invite you to be a well qualified professional for 21 st century.

Manisha Milani receives her Higher Diploma from GISM Campus
Shihara Sangeeth Wepitiyage Bachelor of Engineering with Honours Mechatronics

It was a dream from my childhood to build my future in Engineering filed and be a professional Engineer. I had personal experiences due to the direct involvement In engineering activities with my father during my school studies.I got to know about GISM Campus in Sri Lanka and Massey University in New Zealand from my cousin, who studied at GISM during that time and graduated from Massey University in the field of Mechatronics. I count it a blessing that I was able to enroll at the GISM Campus for Mechatronics engineering with the intention of completing my higher education at Massey University. I successfully completed the first two years of my studies at GISM campus, and in February 2023,
with the full support from GISM I transferred to New Zealand and now I'm studying 3rd year of my degree programme.

GISM students Inuri Udara Perera, Shihara Sangeeth Wepitiyage, Pudara Randini Perera who transferred to Massey University for Mechatronics Engineering Degree (Hons.) 3rd Year in 2022.

Studying Abroad in New Zealand

New Zealand’s unique and dynamic culture blends a fusion of European, Maori, Pacific and Asian influences. New Zealand has a high standard of living and is consistently ranked highly in internal quality of life indexes. New Zealand society is diverse, sophisticated and multicultural, and the honesty, friendliness and openness of New Zealanders, or “Kiwis”, is world-renowned.

New Zealand: A Geographic Wonderland

Comparable in physical size to Great Britain, Colorado and Japan, New Zealand offers a temperate climate with relatively small seasonal variation making it an ideal country to live. New Zealand’s spectacularly beautiful landscape includes vast mountain chains, weeping coastlines, deeply indented fiords and lush rainforests.

Related Study Options

  • GISM offers Bachelor of Engineering Honours Degree (Electronics and Computer Engineering) pathway in Sri Lanka (2+2 arrangement). You can study two years here and go to New Zealand to complete this degree at prestigious Massey University.
  • GISM offers Bachelor of Construction Degree pathways with two majour options; Construction Management and Quantity Surveying for you to study one year in Sri Lanka and transfer to Massey University in New Zealand to complete your degree in two years. These two majour specializations are very well recognized in industry and related industry looking for Massey graduates to fill their vacancies.

GISM offers Diploma in Mechatronics and Engineering Automation which is accredited by Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) in Sri Lanka. This is one-year full time/part time course offered with major practical and research-led study programmes for the students to work in the industry. Also, if you wish to continue with bachelor degree studies, with a bridging course, you can do so and go and join second or third year at Massey University Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechatronics) programme in New Zealand.

How to Join ?

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