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The Executive Diploma programme provides students with adequate knowledge and training to study the Massey University Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management programme. On successfully completion of the Graduate Diploma programme at Massey University, students will have opportunities of studying further for Masters and PhD qualifications or, find employment in industry for professional carrier advancements.
In this Executive Diploma major, student will understand the principles of Logistics and SCM and management concepts together with communication and project management learning experience. Also the knowledge and training with mathematics and statics will develop the skills of the student to solve problems in industry, and also they can apply for further studies in postgraduate level. Also, with the knowledge of logistics and supply chain management, you will be able to help improving productivity of the industry.
Logistics is all about coordinating flows from where products are made, all the way through to the end consumer. The Executive Diploma aims to give a broad management and scientific education in combination with a major in logistics and supply chain management subject knowledge. This training and experience not only provides students an opportunity for postgraduate level entry but also an opportunity to gain specialised knowledge directly relevant for the workplace.
The programme offers a choice of papers highly relevant to people with an interest in all areas of logistics and supply chain management. Therefore this course is ideal for those who have relevant industry experience to complete in Sri Lanka as a prerequisite to entering the New Zealand Massey University Graduate Diploma gaining world-class qualification.

Length of the Course:

One year programme (full time or, part time with extra work).
The selected students will have the opportunity to follow one year programme (Executive Diploma) at the Graduate Institute of Science and Management (GISM) Sri Lanka. Those who follow this Executive Diploma pathway programme, upon gaining of 120 credits, may gain Executive Diploma qualification from GISM Campus, Sri Lanka. With this qualification they may enter to the Graduate Diploma programme at Massey University, New Zealand. Students need to complete 120 credits at Massey University to complete the Graduate Diploma and the certificate will be issued by Massey University, New Zealand.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements to Executive Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme is a University Degree or equivalent
a Diploma with minimum two years of experience in relevant field or, have completed at least four years of relevant professional experience, or equivalent.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from Massey University may be employed by domestic manufacturing companies, local government bodies, and large domestic corporations. In addition, international firms specialising in logistics and supply chain management often look to Massey University for new employees.
As supply chain professionals, most graduates will be working in a fast-paced commercial environment focussed on delivering high levels of customer service. Supply chain professionals are responsible for developing collaborative relationships with other firms and are therefore often required to travel overseas. The role typically requires a broad understanding of the entire firm and interaction with a range of colleagues. This means the supply chain profession is seen by many as a fast track to executive management.

Course Contents

Executive Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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