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About Massey University

Massey University is one of the largest universities in New Zealand, Massey University continues to be ranked globally as one of the top three universities in New Zealand. Massey University’s proud history spans over 80 years of academic excellence. Massey University is sought-after throughout the world for its leading-edge research and innovation. Hence, Massey students experience international quality teaching by top researchers and lecturers who have strong links with their industries. Massey is also the New Zealand’s only multi-campus university with three well positioned campuses in the North Island: Auckland, Palmerston North and Wellington. With its excellent support staff and over 30,000 students from over 100 different countries from all over the world, its international students find a warm and welcoming environment at Massey and a climate in which they are encouraged to excel in their studies.

GISM is the Massey University Education & Research partner in Sri Lanka.

Graduate Institute of Science and Management (GISM), Nugegoda, Sri Lanka is the only collaborative partner campus of Massey University, New Zealand in Sri Lanka.
With successful 10 years as a leading higher education institute, GISM paves the platform for Sri Lankan students to possess a world-class higher educational qualification via its partner “Massey University”. GISM offers several Certificate courses, Diploma courses and Bachelor’s degree, Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s degree pathways. Also GISM supports for direct transfer for Masters and PhD research studies. Over the past 10 years, 21 student batches have transferred to Massey University, New Zealand and they studied with flying colours and secured with professional jobs in New Zealand.

Overview of the program

The college of Business at Massey University is one of the largest in New Zealand. Graduates of Massey’s Bachelor of Business (BBus) degree have a broad base of business knowledge combined with specialist knowledge of a particular area of business. The BBus is therefore an excellent entry to a promising career path.

Choose Your Majors

The Massey BBus pathway at GISM gives you the freedom choose any of the following majors at Massey University,

Carrier Prospects

A BBus will put you on a path to a promising career by teaching you to think clearly, critically, analytically, along with the ability to conceptualise ideas and relate them to real-life business situations. Following are some employment opportunities as a BBus graduate:

Pathway and Awards of the course

Degree is awarded by Massey University. In addition, GISM Campus will issue a Diploma qualification upon successful completion of the degree first year of studies locally
The degree programmes are full time: Monday to Friday – Commencing in February /July every year.
University Preparatory Programme – An induction programme to University Life commences in January and August to provide the necessary skills for school leavers to begin their studies at university. This programme is delivered at a concessional fee for all registered students.

Entry requirements

Students must have a minimum of three “C” passes at G.C.E (A/L) Examination or London (A/L) Examination in any stream of studies OR, GISM Foundation Programme (successfully completed with a grade “B” average).
All applicants must sit for a selection interview with the Dean of the Business Faculty.

Graduate Job Visa

( Up to 2/3 Years ) in New Zealand

2nd & 3rd Years study BBus Massey University, New Zealand

First Year

Diploma at GISM Campus

Local or London A/L or O/L + Foundation

Course Contents

Because we know that many students prefer to keep their options open during early stages of study, our programme offers general modules in the first year and second year of your degree, before starting to specialize in year third and fourth years.


Below is an indication of tuition fees. Please note: Massey University tuition fee is subject to change annually.

Earning Capacity

Work during studies:

New Zealand provides 20hours of part-time work during studies and 2-3 months of full-time work during holidays. Assumption: $15NZD per hour earning capacity during studies.

Post study work:

After the degree you are able to apply for Graduate Job Search Visa which allows you to remain in New Zealand and work full time in your chosen careers. Assumption: $45,000NZD annual salary at a full-time job.

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Dulakshana Abeysinghe .....

I am Dulakshana Abeysinghe I studied at GISM and transferred to Massey University where I completed my Bachelor Degree in Business. I am now reading for my Masters at this University with special course fee discount. With no hesitation, I recommend GISM and invite you to come to this University for a fantastic life in New Zealand.

Studying Abroad in New Zealand

New Zealand’s unique and dynamic culture blends a fusion of European, Maori, Pacific and Asian influences. New Zealand has a high standard of living and is consistently ranked highly in internal quality of life indexes. New Zealand society is diverse, sophisticated and multicultural, and the honesty, friendliness and openness of New Zealanders, or “Kiwis”, is world-renowned.

New Zealand: A Geographic Wonderland

Comparable in physical size to Great Britain, Colorado and Japan, New Zealand offers a temperate climate with relatively small seasonal variation making it an ideal country to live. New Zealand’s spectacularly beautiful landscape includes vast mountain chains, weeping coastlines, deeply indented fiords and lush rainforests.

How to Join ?

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