Master of Construction Management / Quantity Surveying/ Construction Law

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Master of Construction 2 Years
1st Year @ GISM
2nd Year @ Massey University, NewZealand.

Postgraduate Diploma in Construction has three majors; Postgraduate Diploma in Construction Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Quantity Surveying and Postgraduate Diploma in Construction law. Become a world-leading construction specialist, with Massey University’s Master of Construction. It is the only degree in New Zealand focused on construction. This 1+1 pathway is available in Sri Lanka, only at GISM.

Postgraduate Diploma in Construction : minimum of 120 credits

Overview of the programme

GISM offers a one-year programme that combines intensive tuition in a suite of postgraduate fundamental construction and surveying courses, taught in English, specifically designed to prepare GISM Students for entry into the Massey Programme. Students who successfully

complete and pass all of the examination requirements of the GISM Programme will have achieved the equivalent of a Postgraduate Diploma in Construction (Construction Project Management) or Postgraduate Diploma in Construction (Quantity Surveying) at Massey. Students who successfully complete the GISM Programme with a B grade average (70% or 5.0 GPA) or above, will be eligible to enter the Massey Programme and continue their studies towards one of the following Massey Master’s Degrees:

  • Master of Construction (Construction Project Management)
  • Master of Construction (Quantity Surveying).
  • Master of |Construction (Construction Law)

Students who successfully complete 120 credits of study at Massey under the Master of Construction programme will be eligible to receive either the Master of Construction (Construction Project Management) or the Master of Construction (Quantity Surveying) or Master of Construction  ( Construction Law) degree from Massey.

Course Modules

First Year (Postgraduate Diploma in Construction)

  • Construction Project Management
  • Research Methods (quantitative & Qualitative)
  • Construction Contracts and Financial Administration
  • Construction Research
  • Quantity Survey Practice
  • Management Information Systems
  • Principles of Finance
  • Accounting
  • Legal and Social Environment

Become a construction specialist
When you study towards Massey’s Master of Construction you will learn the detail you need to become a construction professional with expertise in:

  • Construction technology
  • Cost and financial aspects of construction
  • Legal aspects of construction projects
  • Management of construction projects

During and After Studies

  • Industry-relevant research
  • World-leading lecturers and supervisors
  • World-leading lecturers and supervisors
  • Job Visa in New Zealand after graduation
  • Transfer guaranteed by GISM International
  • Able to take the Family with you when you
  • Able to apply PR with relevant job offer

Entry Requirements:

One or more of the following qualification are considered as eligibility to applying this Master of Construction pathway:

  • Degree from a recognized University in the field of construction or similar discipline
  • Three year National Diploma in Technology in civil engineering offered from the University of Moratuwa with two years of experience in relevant field
  • Higher Diploma in civil or construction engineering offered from a recognized institution with three years of work experience in relevant field
  • Any recognized Diploma level qualification in relevant field with six years of experience working in  a construction position or in a middle-level technical position in relevant field.


  • Holding a Professional Membership in IIESL or similar professional body accepted by GISM academic committee


  • Selection by interview.

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