Become a manager that empowers others and makes a real difference to the future of our world.

By giving you sound knowledge of marketing principles, how to apply them and how to evaluate them, Massey’s Bachelor of Part of being a manager is being able to be a nimble, quick thinker, able to analyse situations effectively, consider priorities and make great decisions, often under pressure. These are the sort of skills you will learn in Massey University’s Bachelor of Business (Management)

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3 Years
1st Year @ GISM
2nd & 3rd Years @ Massey University, New Zealand.


Faculty of Business

Management Degrees first year pathway program enables students to complete the first year Diploma at GISM Campus and transfer to the second year of the Bachelor of Business (BBus.) in Management Degree of Massey University, New Zealand. Upon completion of the first year, students will get the Diploma in Business.

Through GISM Pathway programmes, students can save up to LKR. 4.0 million* by studying the first year in Sri Lanka. Students will be guided by a well qualified and experiences panel of lecturers consisting of engineers and IT professionals in the relevant disciplines. Most of the lecturers are PhD or MSc. qualified with years of teaching experiences both in Sri Lanka and abroad.


Diploma in Business – first year at GISM Campus, Sri Lanka.

Upon successful completion of Diploma in Business, students can directly enter to the 2nd year of Bachelor of Business in Management – BBus. – at Massey University, New Zealand.

Course Modules

First Year (Diploma in Business)

  • Management Information Systems
  • Legal and Social Environment
  • Business Economics
  • Business Statistics
  • Intensive English 1
  • Organizational Management
  • Marketing Principles
  • Principles of Finance
  • Accounting
  • Intensive English 2

Career Opportunities:

You could find work in business or non-profit organizations in a huge range of industries;

  • General Management
  • Consultancies
  • Policy Making
  • Public Administration
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Organizational Design
  • International Business

The research skills developed on this course will also allow you to continue on to postgraduate study including possible PhD research within the school and a further academic career.

Entry Requirements:

To enter the Business Management Degrees Pathway Programme, students must possess a minimum of three “C” Passes in GCE A/L or London A/L Mathematics Stream or complete the GISM Foundation Programme.

IELTS (Academic) results of 6.0 is required when transferring to the 2nd Year of the degree at Massey University. IELTS support programmes, Orientation programmes and visa support are provided by GISM Campus.