Biological Science

Develop your knowledge and research skills in a variety of biological sciences and specialise in areas which interest you the most.

You'll benefit from international research conducted across the biological sciences and will have the opportunity to conduct your own research project.

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4 Years
1st & 2nd Years @ GISM
3rd & 4th Years @ Edinburgh Napier University, UK.

This Biological Science course allows you to study a variety of biological sciences, with the flexibility to specialize at a later stage if you wish. This programme in Biological Science aims to provide participants with a broad understanding of life on earth, cells and molecules and living organisms.

GISM Diploma and Higher Diploma courses are studied full-time over a period of two years and it is provided with a variety of teaching methods including lectures, tutorials, assignments, field studies and independent study.

Diploma in Biological Sciences: One Year Full Time with a minimum credit requirement of 120 credits, and

Higher Diploma in Biological Sciences: One Year Full Time with a minimum credit requirement of 120 credits.

Entry requirements to Diploma in Biological Sciences:

Minimum three “C” passes at G.C.E (A/L) Examination or London (A/L) Examination, including Biology and Chemistry.


Minimum three “C” passes at G.C.E (A/L) Examination (Old Syllabus) including a Biology and Chemistry.


GISM Foundation Programme (Successfully completed with B average)


Selection by an interview.

Entry requirements to Higher Diploma in Biological Science:

Those who have obtained the required credits at the Diploma in Biological Science at GISM Campus are entitled to follow the Higher Diploma in Microbiology/Biotechnology Programme.

Modules offered 

 Diploma in Biological Science
Year Semester Module Code Name of the Module

Year 1






Semester 1

MBN.101 Life on Earth    – 20 credits
MBN.102 Molecules and Cells – 20 credits
MBN 103 Basic Microbiology -20 credits
MBN 104 Introductory Physiology -20 credits
DLH.100 English and Communication Skill Development 1
DET.101 Computer Science 1

Semester 2

MBN 111 Plant Science – 20 Credits
MBN 112 Practical 1- living organisms – 20 credits
MBN 113 Practical 2- Microbiology – 20 credits
DLH.100 English and Communication Skill Development 2
DET.101 Computer Science 2
 Higher Diploma in Biological Science
Year Semester Module Code Name of the Module

Year 2






Semester 1

MBN 201 Introductory Biotechnology – 20 credits
MBN. 202 Biochemistry- 20 credits
MBN. 203 Plant Physiology -20 credits
MBN. 204 Principles of Scientific Research
Semester 2 MBN.211 Microbes and Man – 20 credits
MBN.212 Practical- Biochemistry – 20 credits
MBN.213 Research Project Proposal- 20 credits

 Note: In Module Code, the first number indicates the year in which it is done. Second no. is specific to the Semester (“0” for Semester one and “1” for Semester two), and the third no. indicates the Module Number. In credit system, 1 credit is equivalent to 3 lecture hours or 2 lecture hours and 2 practical hours or 6 hours of  Practical sessions.

Studies at Edinburgh Napier University, U.K.:

 Those who successfully complete the Diploma and Higher Diploma programmes continue Studies at Edinburgh Napier University, the U.K. to enter into Third year of the Degree Programme.

Details of the full programme is available at:

Career Opportunities:

Edinburgh Napier University, UK is one of the top universities in Scotland for graduate employability, with over 93% of our graduates in jobs or further study six months after graduating.

The skills you gain will prepare you for work in a number of areas. You’ll be qualified for work in industrial research and development, production, quality control, sales and marketing and consultancy.

The emphasis on research in this course equips you with the knowledge and skills required to continue on to postgraduate study, including possible PhD study within the school and a further academic career.

IELTS requirements:

IELTS results of 6.0 is required (not less than 5.5 in each band) when transferring to the 3rd Year of the degree. IELTS support programmes and Overseas University Orientation programme are conducted at GISM Campus. GISM supports for applying visa and this service is free of charge.