Graduate Diploma in Logistics & SCM Pathway

Executive Diploma Programmes: 120 Credits at GISM, Sri Lanka. Pathway to: Graduate Diploma Programme: 120 Credits at Massey University New Zealand. Length of the Course: One year programme (full time or, part time with extra work). The Executive Diploma programme provides students with adequate knowledge and training to study the Massey University Graduate Diploma in Supply […]

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Due to the increased globalization of businesses and manufacturing, the need for competent logistics management professionals is rapidly growing than ever before. Increasing popularity of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, etc., further underpins the growth of international logistics and supply chain management activities.

This pathway programme provides a valuable opportunity to get qualified in a growing international industry and pursue a successful career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.


Become a manager that empowers others and makes a real difference to the future of our world.

By giving you sound knowledge of marketing principles, how to apply them and how to evaluate them, Massey’s Bachelor of Part of being a manager is being able to be a nimble, quick thinker, able to analyse situations effectively, consider priorities and make great decisions, often under pressure. These are the sort of skills you will learn in Massey University’s Bachelor of Business (Management)

Human Resource Management

The Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) will give you the theoretical and practical skills you need to have a successful career in human resource management.

The Bachelor of Business will give you the leadership, communication and critical thinking skills that will make you a sought-after employee.


Marketing is a key function for all businesses. It is the difference between having great products and services, and selling those products and services to the people that need them.

By giving you sound knowledge of marketing principles, how to apply them and how to evaluate them, Massey’s Bachelor of Business (Marketing) will teach the ins and outs of consumer demand to lead the way in marketing the world’s future innovations.

Marine & Freshwater Biology

Explore the aquatic environment, its importance in understanding climate change, and how to monitor and protect marine and freshwater species in a sustainable manner.

Scotland is home to some fascinating aquatic environments and you’ll get to experience these during practical fieldwork, both locally and further afield, including a residential field course to the Isle of Cumbrae.

Biological Science

Develop your knowledge and research skills in a variety of biological sciences and specialise in areas which interest you the most.

You’ll benefit from international research conducted across the biological sciences and will have the opportunity to conduct your own research project.

Biomedical Science

Develop your understanding of the scientific investigation of human health and disease and prepare for a career at the forefront of biomedical science.

You’ll be equipped with the skills necessary to plan and perform a research project for publication and be aware of the need for good laboratory practice, health and safety and legal and ethical considerations.