GISM Campus provides Engineering pathway programmes in collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University, UK. Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Degree pathways are offered with 2+2 transfer arrangements.


Business Studies & Logistic Management degrees are offered in collaboration with Massey University, New Zealand where students can join after completing first/second year pathway @ GISM.


Massey University Bachelor of Information Science Degree first year pathway programme is conducted in Sri Lanka at GISM for students to transfer to the second year and continue studies in New Zealand.


Modern Edinburgh Napier University, UK provides third year entry to GISM students who complete 1st and 2nd year pathway programmes at GISM. They  can go to UK and complete the Bachelor of Science Degree.



Massey University

Auckland, New Zealand


Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


China Medical University

Shanghai, China


Amity University

New Delhi, India

Popular Degrees

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Electronics Engineering

Electronics engineers design and develop systems for industry, from


The Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) will allow you to

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics is a blend of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering,

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering deals with electricity, electro-magnetism and electronics. Electrical

Information Technology

The Bachelor of Information Sciences information technology major will

Software Engineering

Software engineering brings together the disciplines of computer science

Microbiology & Biotechnology

Develop specialist skills in food, medical and environmental microbiology

Biomedical Science

Develop your understanding of the scientific investigation of human


Become a manager that empowers others and makes a




Why Choose GISM Campus

World Class Degrees from Reputed Universities

GISM Campus has partnered with leading universities like Massey University, New Zealand and Edinburgh Napier University, UK to conduct first and second year Degree pathway programmes for the students to earn world class degrees in various disciplines. These universities have continuously obtained higher rankings for teaching methodologies and research work from both government and independent evaluation bodies in the world.

Massey University graduates are highly recognised in both New Zealand and worldwide. Hence graduates can easily settle in New Zealand or pursue a rewarding career elsewhere in the world. Similarly, Edinburgh Napier University is highly recognised in the UK and has won prestigious ‘Queen’s Award’ for graduate employability.

Further, GISM Campus sends students overseas directly for undergraduate studies and also provides Masters and PhD research consultation service for potential students  to pursue postgraduate studies  in world-class universities in New Zealand, Australia, UK and Canada.

Qualified Lecturer Panel

GISM lecturer panel consists leading academics and industry professionals who have both local and foreign teaching and research experiences. Most of the lecturers are PhD or Masters’ degree holders and have extensive lecturing experiences in reputed universities. Our lecturer panel is headed by Professor Dr. G.G. Senaratne who is a former faculty member of Massey University, New Zealand.

GISM is really a global education and research institute which has a well established collaborative network with world’s most prestigious Universities and industry. Therefore, our lecture panel is guided and supported by both local and international professionals with blessings. Our staff work for the quality than the quantity and therefore the best results are obtained through our attempt of providing students with highest level of training in research-led education.

Many Specialization Options

GISM pathway programmes are designed in a flexible manner where students can select their specialization upon entering the relevant overseas university. For example, a student initially selected a marketing degree pathway can still change to human resource management once they enter to second year at Massey University.

Also, students have the opportunity to earn double major degrees as well. (Marketing + HRM).

Guaranteed Place in the University

A place at overseas University to continue at the subsequent year on completion of the GISM pathway programme is guaranteed for every student who register at GISM. GISM’s international section works very closely with partner Universities to provide guidance and support to our students in both Sri Lanka and overseas for the success of their studies.

Also, our panel of well qualified staff looks after GISM students providing necessary guidance to study first at GISM and then transfer to Massey or Edinburgh Napier University to continue. We also conduct a special programme, which is called as  ‘overseas University orientation’, to minimise overseas University adjustment difficulties of the students when they go overseas. Further, GISM supports for applying VISA and provides consultation services to help students continuing studies in overseas.

Huge Cost Saving through Pathway Programmes

Opportunities available in global job market at competitive-edge depend not only with the degree certificate but also with the graduate’s proper training received from world-class University with a real overseas University exposure. Therefore, providing pathway credit transfer arrangement, GISM facilitates students with fantastic opportunity to study a couple of years in Sri Lanka and transfer to foreign University with affordable cost.

This is a huge cost saving, eg. one can save over 4 Million Rupees studying one year at GISM. Also the other services such as supporting to improve students’ communication ability in English language, overseas university adjustment, University orientation etc are provided with totally free of charge.

Parents also can provide education to their children for gaining qualification from one of a world’s top University in a developed country. They can have close supervision at their child while studying the first part of the full course in Sri Lanka. Also this arrangement is less expensive compared to the total expenses of three or four years study at overseas University.

Reliable Visa Support

GISM provides full overseas transfer facilities through its international unit. GISM’s support process of students’ visa application starts well before the end of the first part of the Degree pathway at Sri Lanka. Regular VISA meetings are held with students and parents to educate with document and financial requirement to applying visa in time. GISM has extensive experience at this stage sending thirteen batches of students to New Zealand and two batches of students to the U. K. on completion of studies in Sri Lanka.

All GISM directors are New Zealand citizens having well developed overseas University education experience. Therefore, the success of the students’ education is guaranteed because of the support available from them as well as from overseas University staff for receiving genuine and quality students from Sri Lanka through GISM’s pathways for continuing education.

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Edinburgh Napier University

Study Engineering or Life Sciences under 2+2 degree pathway programme.

Study at Massey University

Study at prestigious Massey University and settle in New Zealand. Graduates are highly recognized in both New Zealand and rest of the world, so graduates can pursue successful careers once they graduated..


There are pathways to reach your dreams and become a world class graduate at an affordable cost.